Tasty Morsel Culinary Excursions

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.

~Jim Davis

About Us

What we do:

Tasty Morsels Culinary Excursions provides food and drink-related tours of Traverse City and surrounding areas. Our tours are designed to give you a memorable and fun excursion complete with palate pleasing moments, knowledgeable guides and unique experiences. Whether you have a great interest in the culinary world or just an appreciation for the food you experience, you will find something in these tours to intrigue you. The tours aren’t just about eating and drinking (though, that is the highlight) – they’re about showing you ways in which food is grown, how it’s processed, how it’s transformed into the masterpieces that finally make it to your table. It’s our hope that at the end of the tour, you will have found many new favorites … and at least one thing you can no longer live without.

History/Why we do it:

It was a dream born in Italy and made in the USA.

Yes, it’s a horribly corny line – but that doesn’t make it any less true. It started in Florence ... a simple walking tour around a small portion of the city. The focus was food. Even among all the beauty, history, art and culture that Italy has to offer, this tour was the highlight. (The proprietor of one business said, “In America, you put cheese on everything. In Italy, we put everything on cheese.” It was a revelation!) On that tour, we stepped into buildings and tried things that we surely would have missed had we just been exploring on our own. And that’s when we knew… this is true anywhere you may go. There are hidden gems, exceptional delicacies, new experiences – all waiting to be had in any city you may visit. You can either take the time to hunt them all down on your own, or someone can take you there.

Immediately Traverse City (and surrounding areas) came to mind. Here’s a place millions visit. And whether you’re here to golf, see movies, hit the beach or eat bushels of cherries – you may want to take a day to explore the culinary gems of northwest Michigan. Food and drink are a part of everyone’s life. We’d like to help make that part as diverse, interesting and delicious as possible. To share our love of yum with you and make your life richer for it.


About the tour:

“I’ve never been to Traverse before, and would have never even known about many of the places we visited had I not taken this tour. What a treat this experience was!”

~ Tricia R., Hereford AZ

“I’d recommend to people new to the area & to people who have regularly visited – like me! Something for everyone.”

~ Nancy C., Macomb MI

“Lots of neat places to see & food/drink samples were great!”

~ Lee Ann H., Avon IN

“Tasty and varied stops were a highlight of this tour! I really appreciated the time the business owners spent with us educating us and our palates.”

~ Patricia T., Denver CO

“After sampling all the food & drink we had today, it really makes me wish I could move here!”

~ Pat K, Wisconsin

“Great variety. Great time. Very enlightening.”

~ Alex B., Columbus OH


~ Charlene M., Alpena MI

“Would highly recommend.”

~ Barbara F., Elyria OH

About the guides:

“Awesome – very knowledgeable, helpful & personable.”

~ Diana, Columbus OH

“So friendly that it’s like walking with a long-time friend.”

~ Patrick K., Ripon WI

“Enjoys what she does which makes it a pleasure to learn!”

~ Jen B., Indianapolis, IN

“Very personable, enthusiastic – obviously a foodie – not a food snob. Great guide.”

~ Rosemary P., Lakewood, CO

“Very friendly. Knowledgeable.”

~ Tyler, Columbus OH

“Fun, talkative & had as much fun as we did. She knew everyone!”

~ Howard, Columbus OH

“Very friendly, warm, inviting.”

~ Amy C., Macomb MI

“Very pleasant and knowledgeable about the businesses.”

~ Karen G., Eastpointe MI